JustBodies Beliefs

  • A loving relationship with our own sexuality and body is a foundation for liberation.
  • Full self-awareness and self-expression require an intimate connection with our body.
  • Our own liberation is essential for the liberation of others; cultural humility, empathy, and open-mindedness are essential for both.
  • We are impacted by systems that value and prioritize some people -- some bodies, some sexualities, and some ways of being -- more than others.
  • We are connected and interconnected to each other and the earth.
  • We have the power to heal each other and ourselves.
  • We can create a world without violence.

JustBodies Basics

  • We all have bodies.
  • We were all birthed into the world (in some form or another).
  • We all have a relationship with sex (even if it is abstinence).
  • We all have “baggage” – stories, strengths, shame, guilt, wisdom, trauma, etc. -- that we have inherited from our family and gathered through our socialization.
  • Some of this "baggage" lives in our bodies.
  • We can learn how to listen to our bodies and better understand our "baggage" and how to relate to it in an empowered manner.