BAAAM! is a practice you can engage with daily as often as you want.

It’s five simple steps designed to bring you into your body, facilitate transformation, and inspire liberation. It can take a few minutes or extended to take as long as you want.

Read below for a detailed layout of the practice, or take the following steps and improvise using your own body’s brilliant intuition!

  1. Breathe.

  2. Acknowledge.

  3. Accept.

  4. Affrm.

  5. Move.

That’s it.

You’ve got this!

Enjoy the exploration!


Take a few deep breaths.


Breath deep into your belly, all the way into into your pelvic bowl (the lower abdominal area, genitals, hips, tailbone.)


Notice what’s going on in your body, your mind, your emotions.

  • What are the body sensations, thoughts, and feelings, occuring as you breath?
  • Identify one or two thoughts or sensations to spend some focused time.
  • Take a few breaths acknowledging, noticing.

Example 1: I notice my right hip is sore. I have a story that it is “always” sore. This story makes me mad and sad and scared.

Example 2: I notice that my thighs are bigger and less firm than I want them to be. I really wish they looked like they did in my 20's.


Accept what you notice, just as it is in this moment.

It might take some effort to connect with true acceptance. Just breathe and be patient with yourself.

Example 1: I accept that my right hip is sore, and that I have a story that it is “always” sore. I accept that I feel mad and sad and scared.

Example 2: I accept that my thighs are the size they are and in the state they are in. I accept that they looked different when I was younger.



Whether you judge your sensations and thoughts as “negative” or “positive”, offer each thought and/or sensation an affirmation.

Do your best to frame the affirmations in the present, as if they are happening now (even if it’s not quite true, say it as if it is and decide to believe it.)

Example 1: My hip is a powerful part of my body; I am grateful for how it helps me move. I take great care of my hips. I welcome and make space for all my emotions.

Example 2: My thighs are a source of power and pleasure. I appreciate the changes that age is bringing to my body because I'm grateful to still be alive. 


Choose whether you want to move mentally or move physically in response to your affirmation.

Mental movement uses the incredible power of our mind to shift our experience in a way that’s pretty similar to physical movement.

Example 1: using my mind and my attention, I imagine the pain in my hip dispersing and spreading out away from my hip so the soreness lessens. I might even be more imaginative and imagine sunlight warming and soothing the soreness, or a waterfall falling onto the soreness and washing it away. 

Example 2: using my mind, with my eyes gently closed, I imagine myself shaking off the sadness, embarrassment, and self-criticism I feel in relation to my thighs.

Choose imagery that works for you :-)

Physical movement invites actual movement to shift the sensations, thoughts, and/or feelings.

Example 1: I swing my leg gently back and forth to soothe the soreness in my hip; or I do some playful, sexy, hip swaying to both shift the physical sensation and shift my thoughts from “sad, mad, scared” to “amused” (I almost always laugh lovingly at myself when i do this motion) and perhaps even a little “aroused” (swaying my hips often connects me with a playful feeling of being sexy and sensual).

Example 2: I take a walk in shorts and with every step focus on the muscles in my thighs and the pleasant sensation of the wind on the skin of my thighs; or I take a moment to gently caress and massage my thighs with my hands, allowing the emotions to move through as they arise.