JustBodies is especially suited for people:

  • experiencing an interruption or transformation in their intimate life, 
  • impacted by surgery and/or illness,
  • impacted by pregnancy (birth, abortion, and/or miscarriage, infertility, planning, postpartum, etc.),
  • working desk jobs or in environments that restrict their bodies' movement,
  • who are parents, guardians, caregivers, educators, bodyworkers, healthcare providers, and therapists. 

JustBodies is also for individuals, couples, people in relationships, and communities who:

  • desire thriving, liberated relationships (sexual and otherwise),
  • value (or want to value) sexuality yet struggle to feel fully emancipated in their sexual expression,
  • want to free their body from externally and internally imposed limitations, 
  • want to contribute to creating a world without violence, and/or
  • care about their impact on future generations.

I work with commitment to cultural humility, and enjoy working with people of all races, ethnicities, sizes, gender identities, ages*, class backgrounds, sexual orientations, abilities, cultures, and religions; single people and people in any type of relationship (intercultural, interracial, LGBTQIA*, monogamous, platonic, polyamorous and/or open) are welcome to JustBodies services. My approach is the result of decades of experience with experiential diversity education, anti-oppression work, restorative justice, expressive arts therapy, as well as my training as a Somatic Sex Educator and Doula (Birth Assistant).

*JustBodies Coaching is only for people over 18 years of age. Some trainings and workshops are designed specifically for youth and families, in which people under 18 may attend with permission from or in the company of a parent or guardian.