Seneca brings fierce love into a room unlike anyone else I know. Her ability to hold people in their unfolding and crumbling is part of her superpower... that, and her true powers of co-creation. I would teach with her anytime and anywhere.
— Dr. Liam Snowdon of Elemental Sexology
Seneca is one of the most deeply embodied, conscious and meticulously caring people and facilitators I have ever met. She brings true grace, hope, and possibility to the messy work of mapping and navigating dynamics of power, privilege, race, gender, consent, trauma, unconventional identities and relationships.
— J. Miakoda Taylor Founding Director of Fierce Allies
Seneca made it easy to confront something really hard happening in my life. I was amazed by how powerful the experience was, even though we were just role playing — I felt like my relationship with my mom and the situation actually shifted, even though she wasn’t even there.
— Youth Workshop Participant