I'm Seneca. I am passionate about people being celebrated for who they are.

 I'm clear that our ability to accept others starts with accepting ourselves -- our whole selves -- including our bodies and sexuality.

If you desire a culturally humble, supportive space in which you can practice listening to your body, clarifying and communicating your desires and boundaries, and increasing your access to self-love and erotic energy, schedule a complimentary call with me today to learn more about JustBodies coaching and trainings.

I would love to work with you to create a more thriving relationship with your body, desires, boundaries, and of course, other people! 

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My approach draws on two decades of experience working as a facilitator in experiential diversity education, anti-oppression & liberation, restorative justice, expressive arts therapy, as well as my training as a Somatic Sex Educator, and Doula (Birth Assistant). Read more about me and my journey to JustBodies here.

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