A message of gratitude from Seneca:

JustBodies is the result of seventeen years of collectively creating, exploring, and facilitating workshops on the topics of liberation, injustice, oppression, sexuality, race, ethnicity, gender, spirituality, trauma, ancestry, and freedom with an incredible and diverse community of people throughout the country and world. In addition to those who have inspired me within my lifetime, I would not be able to make this offering without the wisdom and courage of all who have came before me who have taken huge risks and made immense sacrifice to create more justice, equity, and liberation in the world.

Thank you to all who have been a part of this journey!

JustBodies is my contribution to creating a world without violence or systemic discrimination, where people of all identities are able to thrive in their bodies and have healthy relationships with themselves and others. I believe this can only be done with some serious - and seriously playful! - talks about sex and sexuality.

JustBodies is dedicated to the future generations, that they may be born into bodies liberated from intergenerational trauma and celebrated unique expressions of identity, sexuality, and desire.

In solidarity,

Seneca Beth Miller